We’ve taken a second look at the numbers.

We incorrectly speculated in the original article that there would be no V3 Superchargers in Las Vegas due to the high ambient temperatures there. In the comment section following this article, we were apprised of the fact that there is indeed a V3 Supercharger station in Las Vegas and that we have data from Tesla owners that verifies that the Tesla Model 3 can indeed charge at 250 kW in this hotter climate.

We have analyzed that data. The results follow below.

The bottom line is that the Tesla Model 3 could come very close to duplicating the Taycan’s 24-hour endurance record of 2,129 miles. Our latest estimate for the Tesla is 2,100 miles versus Taycan’s 2,129 miles.

However, we still find that the Model 3 is only able to charge at 250 kW over a fairly narrow range of state of charge (SOC). Even at ideal (lower), ambient temperatures recorded in Fremont, California, the 250 kW charging rate can only be held until 27-30% SOC. At higher ambient temps in Las Vegas, our limited data indicates that the 250 kW charge rate is ramped down to a lower, more sustainable power level at even lower state of charges (20% SOC +or -) or that in one case it could only attain a maximum charge rate of 190 kW.

Further, based on our thermal analysis, it appears that this early ramping down of the 250 kW charge rate is due to overheating of the cells at the 250 kW charge rate. Also, based on our analysis, we are speculating that the reason the Porsche Taycan can hold this higher level of charge all the way to a 70% SOC is because it’s oversizing the battery kWh’s, which results in lower internal resistance and therefore less heat rejection.

Below are the links to the Las Vegas charging threads:

  • The following charge only peaked at 190 kW but charged at 190 kW over a wider range of SOC than the 250 kW charging sessions. OAT estimated mid 90’s F:

  • In this one via IEV’s, we can see OAT95F in one screenshot. It got to 250 kW at 9% and started to pull back at 21%:

250 kW Tesla Model 3 Supercharging Demonstrated In Las Vegas: Video

  • The following is from MT and it started the pullback at 16% charge:

Tesla’s V3 Supercharger, Tested

  • Then, we have this TMC screenshot of a Model 3 charging at 250 kW at 25% SOC (looks like he started at 21%).